Meet Talei

Talei Allen - RYT500

Talei Allen - ERYT500, YACEP

My Yoga journey began in London, when I moved to the States I continued taking classes and then training to become ERYT-500 certified Yoga instructor, adding YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) in 2017.

My heritage is a rich mixture of Anglo-Saxon from my English mother and that of an ancient mariner people who settled the South Pacific islands from my Fijian father. With this mixture and my extensive travels around the world, I embrace both the traditional teachings of Yoga and popular contemporary social media channels.

With my continuing studies I enjoy infusing my classes with not just the physical aspects of Yoga but with the philosophy behind the physical and how we can take the lessons we learn on the mat off into our daily lives. I try to bring to my classes the joy and inspiration that my own practice brings me.

I am currently working on my ParaYoga Certification.

Yoga Classes
Talei, through her continued study of a wide variety of Yoga styles, offers a range of classes designed to suit all ages and abilities. She teaches in a number of different locations and formats from private and semi-private to groups. Stylistically her classes range from Hot Vinyasa Flow to Yoga Therapy. Talei firmly believes that regardless of where you are in life, physically or emotionally Yoga is the perfect practice for you.
“Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there.” ~ Max Strom

Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga addresses both physiological and psychological sources of stress, depression and anxiety, as well as physical ailments and issues. I offer both group classes and Private sessions. See Schedule for classes and contact me for privates.
“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Tula Yoga
The fusion of Yoga and Acupuncture. In Sanskrit Tula means balance, and that is what we seek to achieve in our sessions. Each session consists of 1.5 hours of Yoga Asana followed by a 30 minute Savasana with needles to deepen relaxation.

Talei has joined with Tina Berisha founder of 'Acupuncture Center for Balnce and Healing' in Davidson, NC.

A Yoga/Pilates fusion class, combines Pilates, yogic stretching and pranayama. This class makes you feel invigorated, toned and restored.

Hot Yoga Flow
A high energy practice in the heat, promoting strength, endurance and suppleness. Be prepared to work to your edge as you enjoy a flowing practice with options for all levels. Each practice includes adequate time to warm up and cool down the body, allowing for a beautiful blend of strength and surrender.

Yin Yoga
Sometimes called 'Deep Stretch'. Poses are held for a greater length of time and students are encouraged to soften into the pose. It works to move beyond our outer muscle to get into connective tissue and fascia. Flexibility is improved quickly and this practice is a wonderful accompaniment to a cross-fit, weight or running program.

Private/semi-Private classes
New to Yoga or feel intimidated by group classes? Or maybe you want to deepen your practice or work towards a home practice. Private classes with one on one teacher time are perfect, or with a couple of friends to enjoy a session together.

Paddle Board classes
Paddleboard Yoga is offered over Summer. There are two options for this class; Beginner and Aloha Flow. Beginner is a gentle introduction to Yoga on the water. The Aloha Flow class will challenge balance and is a more playful practice for returning Yogis and Paddleboarders.


"I love coming to Talei's yoga class! Her calm voice and demeanor is soothing for the soul. As she is practicing yoga, she teaches you why it is important to be doing what she is demonstrating. She is an excellent yoga instructor! I highly recommend attending one of her yoga sessions!"

"My individual yoga sessions with Talei have been wonderful. I was nervous about trying yoga for the first time, but I wanted to see if it would help alleviate the symptoms of my depression and anxiety. I immediately felt at ease with her gentle nature and the lovely timbre of her voice. She tailors the sessions to how I feel that day, and encourages me to let her know what is most helpful. I leave the sessions feeling calmer and more centered."

"I was diagnosed six (6) years ago with Fibromyalgia. It was a shock to my life because I had always been active! I was “the perfect patient” and did everything the doctors told me to do, but I wasn't getting better! Then I found Yoga and Talei, the right Yoga teacher that sincerely cared about improving my health through Yoga. It did make a big difference in my life! My restorative sleep cycles improved and I could live again. I now practice everyday, to be the best I can be!"

"You and Tina provided the most wonderful Tula Yoga session. The yoga was perfect and relaxation after was more than anyone could ask for. The kindness and caring shown by you both made the entire experience great. I will spread the word to everyone."